Contribute to Elgrint and get credit for it

You can help us make Elgrint better in various ways. Your contribution will be appreciated in more than just words. In fact, it could save or even make you money. And the best part is, you don't even have to be a programmer for that.

For every useful contribution you make, you get one or more credit points, depending on the value of each contribution. The more you contribute, the more points you have.

What do I get for these credit points?

So how can I get these points?

Read the Guide and fill the feedback form 5 points (one time only)
Report any mistake, omission, or bug that you encounter on the site or in the downloadable products, especially in the Developer Guide and Reference 1 point for each report
Suggest any addition or improvement to the site, the services, or the products, including the Elgrint interface itself 1 point for each suggestion + special bonus for an exceptionally good suggestion
Send us your own source code to be added to the Example sections in the Reference 10 points for each accepted example
Submit your own source code (widgets) to be added to our Store N points for each accepted widget, plus N points every time other developers download any of your widgets. N is the price you set yourself for each individual widget
Take part in the beta testing (contact us to learn how) (Contact us for details)


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