The complete and fully comprehensive listing of all the classes, types, functions, constants, macros, and concepts related to Elgrint's interface.


Name Description
Messages Detailed explanation of every message (aka event or note) used by Elgrint.
Window classes All the standard Elgrint classes that represent Graphic User Interface (GUI) visual elements.
Collections and iterators All collections (data structures) and their iterators (objects that reveal and modify the data in a collection).
Service classes All the other Elgrint classes, not listed above, including window pointer wrappers.
Enumerations All the Elgrint types defined with enum statement.
Basic types All the Elgrint types defined with typedef statement (except for the window pointer wrappers).
Constants All constant definitions in Elgrint (except for Enumerations values).
Global functions All the remaining functions, not listed above (not related to any specific class).
Macros All the macro functions and preprocessor definitions in Elgrint. Help defining new classes or fine-tuning existing definitions.
Dictionary Definition of various terms and concepts in Elgrint.

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