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SystemSuspending (message)


System is about to enter a sleep/hibernation mode, or is shutting down.


This message is received by the screen window when the user activates the sleep mode option (by pressing the power button, pushing the kbSleep key, closing the notebook cover, rtc.), or shuts down or reboots the computer. The computer can also suspend itself automatically, if it was idle for a certain period of time, or if the battery is running out. This message cannot be generated programmatically.

The suspension process is paused while the app is processing this message, but only for a brief period (a few seconds). If OnSystemSuspending takes too much time to complete, the system may proceed with suspension anyway, even if it means closing this app by force. Therefore, OnSystemSuspending should return quickly. In particular, it should not open a user dialog. The app cannot prevent the suspension of the system.



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