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Window classes


All the standard Elgrint classes that represent Graphic User Interface (GUI) visual elements.




Name Description
MButton Two-state selector, which can be pushed or released.
MCheckButton MButton specialization, which is checked-unchecked-undefined on every push/release cycle.
MDateBox Displays a calendar, which lets the user select a date within a certain range.
MDialogBox Opens a simple dialog box with 1-4 response options to select from.
MDropButton MButton specialization with a side arrow, clicking which opens/closes a custom window.
MEditBox Lets the user type an arbitrary text (i.e. select a textual value).
MFileDialogBox Opens a dialog box with an embedded MTreeListBox, which lets the user select an existing file.
MFrame Defines a resizable and movable container with several plugins.
MHtmlBox Embeds a web browser into the app. The browser lets the user select a webpage (among other things).
MInfoLabel Displays temporary textual information about its parent window.
MListBox Lets the user select one or more items from a linear list, displayed within the window.
MMainFrame Defines the main app window, derived from MFrame.
MMenuBox Lets the user select a command from a tree-like system of menu windows.
MMultimediaLabel Embeds a video/audio player and/or recorder into the app.
MPageBar Displays a custom page plugin and a set of buttons to select a different page.
MProgressLabel Reports a progress of some task in a graphical form.
MRadioBox Lets the user select a numeric value by clicking one of the displayed radio-styled check buttons.
MRangeBox Lets the user select a numeric value (of type long).
MScreen The system's topmost window, which serves as a container for MMainFrame windows.
MScrollBar Lets the user shift the content of the window with the help of two MSlideBox selectors (side sliders).
MSegmentBar Displays a set of resizable segments, each of which may contain a plugin window.
MSlideBox Lets the user select a numeric value by dragging a thumb plugin along a rail.
MTreeListBox Lets the user select an item from a tree-like structure, displayed within the window.
MWindow The base class of all the window classes (also serves as a container window).


There are 24 predefined window classes in Elgrint including MWindow. The window classes can be grouped into three categories: containers, selectors, and labels.

The above classification is somewhat arbitrary, since some windows don't exactly fall into a specific category, and, more importantly, it is very easy to change the window's category with just a handful of lines of code. Still, this classification, however arbitrary, can be instructive and insightful. It also provides a useful mnemonic for remembering the predefined classes and their purposes.

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