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Elgrint::MWindow::HighQuality property

Declaration (see MWindow.h):

void setHighQuality(bool newVal); inline bool isHighQuality();


Specifies the quality of the painting functions. Inherited property. Initial value is (see Details).

Return type: bool


If HighQuality is true, then all the painting functions use more sophisticated anti-aliasing and/or interpolation methods for drawing lines, shapes, text, and images. High quality drawings look better but work noticeably slower.

The property is inherited, i.e. the initial value is set to getParent().isHighQuality() during construction, and, by default, changing this property for a given window changes it to the same value in all descendants of this window (this behavior can be overridden - see OnNotice). The Example shows how to change this property in all windows at the same time.

The default HighQuality value for the screen window (and thus for all windows) is false.



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