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Elgrint::MWindow::genNotice(MString) method

Declaration (see MWindow.h):

void genNotice(const MString& noticeName);


Generates Notice message with the specified name and associated ID (as returned by getNoticeID).


Name Type Description
noticeName MString

The name of the Notice to generate.


The function extracts a numeric notice ID, associated with noticeName for this window by a previous call to setNoticeID on this window.

If the associated ID is None, then genNotice has no effect - no notice is generated and no error is reported.

Since None is the default ID for all notices, setNoticeID has to be called at least once for genNotice to be useful. Many window classes call setNoticeID during their creation (the ID is usually specified in the window class constructor).

If the associated ID is anything but None, the function generates a Notice message, which is processed before genNotice returns. During this notice message processing, digNN returns noticeName, and digNID returns the ID extracted by genNotice (even if the actual associated ID changes in the process).


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