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Elgrint::MWindow::cancelPropagation(MMessageCode,MPropagationSource) method

Declaration (see MWindow.h):

void cancelPropagation (MMessageCode mc, MPropagationSource ps);


Cancels the preceding requestPropagation with the same mc and ps.


Name Type Description
mc MMessageCode

Code of the message to unpropagate. Must to be less than mcCOUNT.

ps MPropagationSource

Source type of the message to unpropagate. Must to be less than psCOUNT.


After dest.cancelPropagation(mc,ps) is called, the messages from a suitable source to dest will no longer be propagated automatically (unless requestPropagation is called again, of course).

The mc and ps must be valid (less than mcCOUNT and psCOUNT respectively). Otherwise, exception 2001 is generated.

This function is useful for temporarily deactivating redundant propagations during some internal operation (e.g. window refreshing). The reactivation is done with requestPropagation once the said operation is complete.

All requested propagations for this window are cancelled automatically when the window is closed, so there is no need to call cancelPropagation when closing the window (in fact, that would be even less efficient).


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