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Elgrint::MInfoLabel::DistFromCursor property

Declaration (see WCInfoLabel.h):

void setDistFromCursor(const MPoint& newVal); inline MPoint getDistFromCursor();


The minimal separation between label and cursor during tracking. Initial value is NonePoint.

Return type: MPoint


If valid (see IsValid), then the label moves with the cursor, and DistFromCursor specifies the location of the label's closest corner to the cursor relatively to the cursor's position.

For example, if DistFromCursor is MPoint(20,10), then the label's top-left corner is 20 pixels to the right and 10 pixels below the cursor, and if DistFromCursor is MPoint(-20,-10), then the label's bottom-right corner is 20 pixels to the left and 10 pixels above the cursor.

If DistFromCursor is invalid, then label doesn't move with the cursor at all.

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