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Service classes


All the other Elgrint classes, not listed above, including window pointer wrappers.


Name Description
MApp Set of static functions, which provide access to various app-related functionality.
MChar Represents an elemental Unicode code (character) for MString.
MColor Describes an RGBA color value with up to 56-bit color depth.
MDateTime Specifies a date and time value, and defines many useful date/time-related functions.
MDriveInfo Describes properties of a system drive.
MFile Service class for creating, editing, and reading binary files or data streams.
MFileInfo Describes properties of a file or a directory.
MFont Describes font parameters.
MLocus Describes a two-dimensional unsigned location (row and column pair).
MPoint Describes a three-dimensional location with x, y, and z elements (coordinates).
MPtr Defines a universal window pointer template.
MRange Defines a generic range using two boundary values.
MRect Describes a 3D non-rotated box-like region in space, aka "rectangle" or "rect".
MSize Describes a three-dimensional size with width, height, and depth elements.
MSys A set of static functions, which provide access to various system-related functionality.
MTextFile Service class for creating, editing, and reading text files in various textual formats.
MTransform Defines a 4x4 coordinate transformation matrix (currently limited to translation and scaling only).


Name Description
WCPtr Simple encapsulations of window pointers with class-specific constructor support.

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