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All the Elgrint types defined with enum statement.


Name Description
MAnalogDevice Input parameter type of MSys::getDeviceReading.
MDateFormat Input parameter type of MDateTime::print.
MEnablingState Return type of MWindow::getEnabling.
MFileMode Input parameter for MFile::open and MTextFile::open.
MFrameRank Specifies a rank (size level) for MFrame and MMainFrame.
MLineStyle Input parameter type of MWindow::setDrawSettings.
MMediaState Return type of MMultimediaLabel::getMediaState.
MMessageCode Specifies a message code - the elementary unit of the message system (see MWindow::runMessageLoop).
MOverallStyle Used by MWindow::OS property.
MPathnamePart Input parameter for MSys::getPathname. Determines which part of the pathname is returned.
MPredefinedImage Input parameter type of MImage::MImage(MPredefinedImage).
MPropagationSource Input parameter type of MWindow::requestPropagation, MWindow::cancelPropagation, and MWindow::isPropagationRequested.
MTextAttributes Type of the MFont::attr data member. Used in several MFont functions.
MTextFormat Input parameter type of MTextFile::MTextFile and MTextFile::open. Return type of MTextFile::getFormat.
MTextJustifications Input parameter type of MWindow::drawText.


Enums are simple auxiliary types, which define a set of constant values, and, sometimes, simple operations on these values.

All enums in Elgrint can be divided into two types: combining and non-combining.

For either type, the largest well-defined value in any enum is named xxCOUNT (where xx is the enum's prefix). The valid (meaningful) values are always in the [0,xxCOUNT) range.


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