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Elgrint::MPredefinedImage enum

Declared in elEnums.h


Input parameter type of MImage::MImage(MPredefinedImage).


Name Pic Description
piTransparent nopic

One transparent pixel

piWindow piWindow

32x32 pixels

piError piError

32x32 pixels

piWarning piWarning

32x32 pixels

piInfo piInfo

32x32 pixels

piLeftArrow piLeftArrow

16x16 pixels

piRightArrow piRightArrow

16x16 pixels

piUpArrow piUpArrow

16x16 pixels

piDownArrow piDownArrow

16x16 pixels

pi4WaySizing pi4WaySizing

21x21 pixels

piBackDiagonalSizing piBackDiagonalSizing

17x17 pixels

piGrip piGrip

16x16 pixels

piCross piCross

17x17 pixels

piFingerPointer piFingerPointer

30x38 pixels

piForbidden piForbidden

22x22 pixels

piFrontDiagonalSizing piFrontDiagonalSizing

17x17 pixels

piHorzSizing piHorzSizing

21x09 pixels

piIBeam piIBeam

07x16 pixels

piPalm piPalm

16x16 pixels

piPointer piPointer

30x42 pixels

piPointerAndWait piPointerAndWait

42x42 pixels

piVertDblDivider piVertDblDivider

18x18 pixels

piVertDivider piVertDivider

18x18 pixels

piVertSizing piVertSizing

09x21 pixels

piWait piWait

16x24 pixels

piCOUNT nopic

Number of piXXXX constants (excluding piCOUNT itself).

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