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Specify special "same" values of different types.


Name Type Value Description
Same UInt32 0x7FFF7F7D

Defined in: elBase.h

SameLocus MLocus MLocus(Same,Same)

Defined in: elStructs.h

SameSize MSize MSize(Same,Same,Same)

Defined in: elStructs.h

SamePoint MPoint MPoint(Same,Same,Same)

Defined in: elStructs.h

SameRect MRect MRect(SamePoint,SameSize)

Defined in: elStructs.h

SameChar MChar 0xFFFF

Defined in: MChar.h

SameString MString MString(SameChar)

Defined in: MString.h

SameDateTime MDateTime MDateTime(9999,12,31)

Defined in: MDateTime.h

SameColor MColor MColor(0x7D,0x7F,0x7F,0x00)

Defined in: MColor.h

SameFont MFont MFont(SameString,Same,taCOUNT)

Defined in: elStructs.h

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