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Global functions


All the remaining functions, not listed above (not related to any specific class).

Global functions:

Name Description
GenException(code,p1,p2,p3) Calls MApp::genException, passing it the code and the list of all string parameters. Needed only for convenience.
GetBits<N>(src,b1,b2) Returns a number composed of bits of src from bit b1 to bit b2 inclusive.
GetKBName(kb) Returns a standard string representation (English name) of kb, including modifiers (see kbXXXX).
HashNumerator(x) Converts a value into a number. Used by MHash for its hash function.
IsBit<N>(src,b) Returns true iff bit b in src is set.
IsPlainType<T>() Used by MVector to boost performance.
IsValid(x) Returns true if x is valid. Validity is defined differently for each supported type (see Details).
MAppMain() The main function of the app. Has to be defined by the developer to create an app.
MHandleException(code,title,message) Called internally to report an exception. Part of the Elgrint exceptions mechanism.
Max<T>(a,b) Returns the largest of the two specified values, as determined by operator<.
Min<T>(a,b) Returns the smallest of the two specified values, as determined by operator<.
Swap<T>(a,b) Swaps the two specified values.
ToRange<T>(val,minVal,maxVal) Returns the closest value to val within the [minVal...maxVal] range.


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