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All the macro functions and preprocessor definitions in Elgrint. Help defining new classes or fine-tuning existing definitions.


Name Description
CHECK_CONTEXT Optional safety measure for implementing OnXXXX message handlers.
DEFINE_PROP Defines a window class property with all of its components in just one line of code.
DEFINE_PROP_BOOL Same as DEFINE_PROP(Type,Name,InitVal,SetCode) with Type=bool, except that the resulting revealer is named isName, instead of getName.
DO_NOT_USE_ELGRINT_NAMESPACE Preprocessor definition, which removes the "using namespace Elgrint;" statement from the code.
EMULATE_CPP11_THREAD_LIBRARY Preprocessor definition, which generates a basic emulation of the C++11 thread and mutex modules.
M_ASSERT Ensures that the given condition is satisfied.
M_PARAM_CHECK Similar to M_ASSERT(Cond), but with a more user-friendly output.
ON_XXXX A set of 18 macros, each declaring a corresponding OnXXXX message handler.


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