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Definition of various terms and concepts in Elgrint.


Name Description
Exceptions The list of all default exceptions, where "Name" is the code, and "Description" is the raw message (see MApp::defineException).


Name Description
ASCII Table The classic (DOS-style) Standard ASCII (00..7F) + Extended ASCII (80..FF) table.
Caret A special blinking indicator for text input (see MEditBox).
Collection classes 8 classes that store data in various forms. Also called "data structures". See Collections and iterators for more information.
Complexity A measure of algorithmic performance.
Container A type of window whose primary task is to contain other windows for a more structured app design (see window classes).
Cursor Analog (or pseudo-analog) input device.
DEBUG mode A special compiler mode, which generates an app with various safety checks inside.
Digger A special kind of MWindow revealer, essential for message processing.
Drawing functions See Painting functions.
Drawing transformation The rationale for using drawing transformations: MTransform and MWindow::setDrawTransform.
Embedded Child window with z<0, which is embedded within its parent.
Error reporting Elgrint supports three mechanisms for reporting errors: exceptions, error flags, and assertion macros.
Exit code A "return value" of the app itself.
External message Same as System message. See Messages.
Floating Child window with z>0, which "floats in front" of its parent.
Handler Message handler is a protected virtual method of MWindow, which can be (and usually is) overloaded in order to customize a derived window class.
Input message A message that reports an event from an input device. See Messages.
Invalid Invalid values for various types.
Iterator Collection iterator is a special object, which provides a safe and efficient access to the data stored in a collection (see collection classes).
Key Binary input device.
Label A type of window that displays information with little to no user interaction (see window classes).
Local pathname Pathname which points to a local file system. See pathname.
Message loop See MWindow::runMessageLoop.
Multithreading Describes the support for multithreaded operations in Elgrint-based apps.
Online pathname Pathname which points to a server location via FTP or HTTP/HTTPS protocols. See pathname.
Painting functions MWindow functions that define graphical content inside the window.
Pathname A unique identifier of a file or a directory in the local system or on the Internet.
Plugin A plugin is a child window object, which has a special meaning for its parent window.
Presentation message A message that reports some change in a window of this app. See Messages.
Property A window class setting that can be revealed and changed freely by the developer who uses that class.
RELEASE mode A standard compiler mode, which generates the final app, which can be released to users.
Rounded out MRect, adjusted so that all of its components are integral values.
Screen window A window object that represents the entire screen.
Selector A type of window that lets a user select a value of a certain type from a predefined range (see window classes).
Standard form Constructor, which has the signature WC(MWindow&,MRect), where WC is a window class.
System message A message that is generated outside of the main thread of this app. See Messages.
Valid Opposite of invalid.
Web pathname Same as online pathname.
Window class A class that creates a window object. Any class that inherits from MWindow, and MWindow itself.
Window object An instance of one of the window classes.
Window pointer A safe, smart pointer for a window object. See MPtr for a full description.
Wrapper Window pointer wrappers are special type definitions that make the process of a window pointer creation more convenient. See WCPtr for a full description.

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