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The list of all default exceptions, where "Name" is the code, and "Description" is the raw message (see MApp::defineException).


Name Description
0001 Title for all the Fatal Error exceptions (from 1000 to 1999).
0002 Title for all the Non-Fatal Error exceptions (from 2000 to 2999).
0003 Title for all the Warning exceptions (from 3000 to 3999).
0004 Title for all the Notification exceptions (from 4000 to 4999).
1000 Out of memory!!!
1001 Non-recoverable internal error: <description>.
1002 Unable to create a window <system error: code>. Either the operating system is incompatible with the app, or out of memory, or there is an internal system error.
1003 <cnt> windows created - can't create any more.
1004 Graphic interface couldn't be initialized.
2000 There is not enough memory for <operation description>.
2001 Internal error: <description>.
2002 Cannot open or create file <pathname>: file not found or illegal filename.
2003 Cannot create file <pathname>: a similar name (possibly in a different case) already exists.
2004 Cannot open file <pathname>: access denied.
2005 Cannot open file <pathname>: out of resources (perhaps too many open files already).
2006 Cannot read from file <pathname>: connection lost.
2007 Cannot write to file <pathname>: connection lost or out of available space.
2010 Image format of file <pathname> is not supported.
2011 Image file <pathname> is corrupted.
2012 Cannot load an image from <pathname>: image is too large.
2013 Not enough memory to create an image.
2020 Unable to register external message identifier. Communication with other applications will not function.
2021 Unable to register drive <root>. The drive can be used, but its safe (soft) removal will not be processed.
2022 Cannot send external notification to <appname> - access denied or out of resources.
2023 Cannot send thread notification - message queue is probably full.
2030 Cannot copy to clipboard (probably used by another application).
2031 Cannot delete <pathname>. Access denied or trying to delete non-empty directory.
2032 Directory <pathname> not found or cannot be accessed.
2033 Cannot open <pathname>. The file type is not supported.
2034 Cannot create directory <pathname> - invalid name or access denied.
2035 Cannot create directory <pathname> - a similar pathname (possibly in a different case) already exists.
2036 Cannot rename or move <source pathname> - file not found or cannot be renamed.
2037 Cannot rename or move <source pathname> to <destination pathname> - destination name, or a name similar to it, already exists (has to be deleted first).
2038 Cannot rename or move <source pathname> to <destination pathname> - invalid destination name or access denied.
2039 Cannot rename or move <source pathname> to <destination pathname> - source and destination are on different drives.
2040 Connection with the server <server name> failed. Invalid login or password, or no connectivity.
2041 Cannot copy <source pathname> - file not found or invalid name.
2042 Cannot copy <source pathname> to directory <destination pathname> - invalid destination or access denied.
2043 Cannot copy <source pathname> to directory <destination pathname> - destination name already exists (has to be deleted first).
2100 Multimedia interface couldn't be initialized - video/audio playback or capture will not work.
2101 Cannot play multimedia file <pathname> - file is corrupt, or its format is not supported.
2102 Multimedia playback failed.
3000 Low on memory.
3001 Debug: <description>
3002 Exceptions file <pathname> is corrupted at line "<line>" (<code> is not a valid code).
3003 Framework could not be initialized fully. Some functions may not work properly.
3004 Framework could not be initialized fully. HTML viewer may not work.
4000 Low memory situation resolved.
4001 Debug: <description>.
4100 Use Ctrl+numbers to move, and Ctrl+Shift+plus/minus/arrows to resize the window.


These exceptions are automatically defined for every Elgrint app just before MAppMain of that app is called. Any exception can be redefined at any time using MApp::defineException or MApp::loadExceptions. For example, if the app is switched to a different language, it's a good idea to redefine all the raw messages to that language, so that exceptions (should they occur) become understandable to the users that don't speak English.

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