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Floating (child window)


Child window with z>0, which "floats in front" of its parent.



A floating window (sometimes also called "popup") is clipped only by the screen boundaries, rather than by its parent window.

A floating window has a positive z coordinate (as returned by MWindow::getPos or MWindow::getRect), usually z=1.

A window is defined as floating during construction, by specifying a positive z coordinate in the MWindow::MWindow constructor. The value of the z coordinate (and thus the floating state) cannot be changed after the window is created (see MWindow::setRect). Specifying a z value of 0 or Auto during construction sets the default state for that class: floating for MInfoLabel, MMenuBox, MDialogBox, MFileDialogBox, and MMainFrame, and embedded for all the rest.

See also Embedded.


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