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Miranor::MVector is a linear ordered sequence of generic elements, which allows to append/remove elements to/from the tail at O(1) time on average. Similar to std::vector, but easier to use, and more ...

Type: Logic  Price: 10 credits.
Color picker

The 'ColorPicker' class (derived from 'MWindow') enables the user to select any 24-bit depth color using a color wheel and/or the slider. Clicking the color wheel selects hue (0 to 360 degrees) and sa...

Type: GUI  Price: 10 credits.
Rounded rect points

Returns the array of points ('MVector' of 'MPoint' objects). If this result is passed to 'MWindow::drawPoly' or 'MWindow::fillPoly', it will paint a rectangular shape (bounded by 'boundingBox') with r...

Type: Design  Price: 1 credits.
Rounded button

A simple command button with icon or text label derived from 'MButton', but with a better design (gradient fills and rounded edges). No additional functionality. Fully adjustable label (setText), icon...

Type: GUI  Price: 1 credits.
Color wheel generator

Function 'makeColorWheel' returns an image of a color wheel (as an Elgrint::MImage object) of given radius (in pixels) and lightness (0-black to 255-white). The color wheel presents the HSL colors of ...

Type: Design  Price: 1 credits.
Squares game

A simple but fun puzzle game. Fill the entire board with numbers in ascending order by clicking on each square exactly once in a chess rook pattern. In other words, each next number's position must be...

Type: App  Price: 2 credits.
M-2048 game

A clone of the popular game "2048". Use arrow keys or swipe gestures to move all the tiles up, down, left, or right. When tiles with identical numbers collide, they merge into a tile with a number twi...

Type: App  Price: Free!

Demo calculator app. A simple, but realistically-looking calculator with 5 floating-point operations on positive and negative numbers: add, subtract, multiply, divide, and square root. Automatically...

Type: App  Price: Free!
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