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2 Credits

A simple but fun puzzle game. Fill the entire board with numbers in ascending order by clicking on each square exactly once in a chess rook pattern. In other words, each next number's position must be related to the previous in a move that resembles the letter "L" (like a rook in chess). The initial square (number 0) is the top-left corner. When you complete the first level (5x5 board), the game goes to the next levels: 10x10, 15x15, and so on. The board adapts itself to any window size. The game was made from scratch in 1.5 hours.

Author: Dimitry Rotstein

Tags: game, fun, entertainment, board, puzzle, intellectual, chess, numbers

Code preview:

#include <elgrint.cpp> // Board size (initial is 5x5) int cntX = 5, cntY = 5; class GameBoard : public MWindow { public: GameBoard(MWindow& parent, const MRect& rect) : MWindow(parent,rect) { reset(); } void reset() // Init the game according to the given board size (cntX by cntY) {

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