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ROUNDED BUTTON (GUI App)Buy this Widget!
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A simple command button with icon or text label derived from 'MButton', but with a better design (gradient fills and rounded edges). No additional functionality. Fully adjustable label (setText), icon (setIcon), font (setFont), text color (setForeColor), and background color (setBackColor). Requires Elgrint.

Author: Dimitry Rotstein

Tags: button, control, selector, rounded, text, icon, gradient, push, release, click, press, depress

Code preview:

class RoundedButton : public MButton { public: RoundedButton(MWindow& parent, const MRect& rect, MNum nidReleased = None, const MString& text = ZeroString, const MImage& icon = ZeroImage) : MButton(parent,rect,nidReleased,text,icon) {} ON_Paint // Draw button with proper mark inside { // Background (same color as parent to blend into it) setFillSettings(getParent().getBackColor()); fillRect(MaxRect); // Prepare MSize s = getSize();

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